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Why women are inferior to Men

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Why women are inferior

OK, there are lots of reasons why us girls were programmed from birth to look up to the Gentlemen of the world. I’ll start off by just listing them and then I’ll write a bit about each one of the reasons. By the way, these are just my silly twat talk so they’re not in any sort of logical order.

1                     Girls are genetically more closely related to apes than Men are.

2                     Girls have smaller brainboxes than Men do.

3                     Girls are shorter than Men.

4                     Girls are physically weaker than Men.

5                     Girls can’t create life; only the Male sperm carries the gift of life. Us twats are just passive vessels that carry the baby inside us till He or she is born.

6                     Girls can’t penetrate a Man but a Man can penetrate a woman. That’s why in fucking it’s what the Man does that’s important and no matter what position the girl takes it’s down to the Man to make it happen. Just like in making babies so too when it comes down to fucking it’s the Man who has to do all the hard work and all us twats have to do is the easy part which is enjoying being fucked!

7                     Girls have only got a cunt which is just a gaping hole between their legs. It’s got no purpose except to piss out of or be fucked! Having an open wound between our legs rather than the Manly prick that a Gentleman has is yet another obvious sign of the innate inferiority of us twats.

8                     Girls bleed once a month for ages which is another sign of our inferiority. A Gentleman couldn’t do that without dying so obviously us twats are lower life forms, genetic freaks and not even human!

9                     Girls have tits that produce milk which again Gentlemen don’t. That’s another reason why us twats are just animals and only Men are human.

10                 Girls carry babies inside of us which is another reason why we’re inferior because Gentlemen don’t have to do that.

11                 Girls get PMT (pre menstrual tension) or, as I prefer to call it, PBT (pre bleeding tension) or PCT (pre cunstruation tension).

12                 Girls are more stupid than Men.

13                 Girls can’t beat a Man in competitive sport – not even in chess where physical strength doesn’t come into it.

14                 A girl can take a hundred or so cocks up her cunt, arse or gob without any problem, while a Gentleman needs to recharge His batteries after He’s fucked a three-holed twat.

15                 Girls are whores because they sell their bodies for money, either openly or indirectly

Written by worthlessfem

March 30, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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2 Responses

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  1. Good to see a cunt who knows her place.

    George Doremus

    March 31, 2011 at 11:25 pm

  2. Thank you, sir.


    April 1, 2011 at 6:03 pm

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